Bike service

AIX BIKE AND GO has a full workshop to take care of all repairs to your bicycle. WE COLLECT, CLEAN, REPAIR AND RETURN YOUR BIKE TO YOU. Book a service now!

It is very important that you keep your bike well maintained to ensure that it performs as it should and gives you great pleasure to ride.

Our workshop has a collection and delivery service for you, which makes your next service more convenient.

Our collection service:

  1. The collection service is only available for a area that is within a radius of +-15km from the shop.
  2. A booking needs to be made at least a day before collection.
  3. Bookings are to be made from Monday to Thursdays on website or email or telephone.
  4. When bookings are made the bike will be done the next day (depending on how full the workshop is) and will be delivered the day after the work on the bike is done.
  5. When a bike is collected on a Friday delivery will only take place on the Monday.
  6. Collections will be in the mornings and deliveries in the afternoons or the next day. We are flexible when it comes to special arrangements.
  7. When we transport your bike we will do it as if it is our own to give you peace of mind. But any loss or damage of any unintended acts of humanity (Not by our staff) will be at your own risk.
  8. The collection service is Free of charge when you book for a service.
  9. For any Small or Minor services, there will be a collection fee of 15,00 euros.
  10. A detailed invoice will be sent to you via email so please supply us with the correct email address so that there will be no delays or misunderstandings. We will also contact you for any major cost and problems on your bike.



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